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A Sentence with Legalism in It

(48) As the Eastern work of an Eastern people, the moral and spiritual influence of the Talmud rests on its connection to a history that appealed to imagination and feelings, on its heterogeneity of content adapted to all moods and minds, and on the unifying and regulating effects of its legalism. (57) “Legalism” – definition, images, pronunciation and indication of use. 5. However, Peter`s legalism led him to have Cornelius and the others in his house (65) “legalism” in one sentence (especially a good sentence like quote, proverb…). (49) The nation threw itself to the side of the Pharisees; not in the spirit of one-off legalism, but with the zeal of a national enthusiasm that is deceived in its dearest hopes, and turns for help from the deceitful kingship of the Hasmoneans to the true kingship of Yahweh and to His deputy secretary, the house of King David. 18. But do we understand that it was the spirit of legalism that motivated the unforgivable sin? Do you know what I believe to be unforgivable sin? There was the testimony of the Spirit for the Messiah in Jesus Christ, the unbelief of the Jewish nation at that time was the unforgivable sin.13 One of the main reasons why they lost the manifestation of the spirit was legalism(41) Priests were able to build a new identity and religion that emphasized people`s sin and the need for ritual purity and ritual observance and legalism as a way back to God. (80) “legalism” in English means “legalism” definitions. (66) How do you write a good sentence with “legalism”? (55) This may seem like a simple question, but the meaning of the word “legalism” can become slippery. 6.

Peter was buried in legalism, which was at the origin of his struggle to understand Paul`s best definition (56) of “legalism” that I have heard so far. (21) 21) The Apostle found in many of them a dishonest negligence due to discord and the emerging legalism. 15. Where it exists, justice is much more fluid and intuitive than boring legalism (9) The basis and source of legalism lies in society rather than in the state. 16. To a large extent, legalism motivated the rejection of Christ 9. was forced to leave his freedom and return to the prison of legalism (60) What is “legalism”? Detailed definition and meaning. (4) Religious legalism uses the law to do more than God wants. (24) Rigid legalism rubs shoulders with rampant illegality, and a vibrant private sector coexists with a sclerotic state. Certainly, there are still words that you do not know.

But if you learn entire sentences with “legalism” instead of the word “legalism” by itself, you can learn much faster! (50) In the same vein, under the revitalizing influence of ancient philosophy (with which, however, he was imperfectly familiar and whose relationship with Christianity he extravagantly misunderstood), he argues that the ancient Greek moralists, who inoculated an altruistic love for good – and thus implicitly the love of God as the greater good – were really closer to Christianity than to Jewish legalism. 7. Grace to replace the restrictive legalism of Judaism Again, without sentences, there is no real communication. If you just read words now, you wouldn`t be able to understand what I was telling you at all. (12) The rejection of the Jews is their fault because of their tenacity and legalism (ix. (51) A major enemy of evangelical legalism comes in two forms. Some people avoid the gospel and try to save themselves by following the rules, doing what they are told, adhering to norms, etc. (you might call this legalism on the doorstep). Other people avoid the gospel and try to save themselves by breaking the rules, doing what they want, developing their own autonomous norms, etc. (you could call this disguised legalism). (22) Less often, it is examined whether this emerging legalism is good or bad for global prosperity and stability.

19. The poison of legalism is that it limits God to work in a way that makes me feel comfortable.17 Legalism manifests itself in the complacency and excessive obsession with tradition and a very open and sharp judgment.4 Peter was a classical Jew buried in the law and its inherent legalism (34) Formal writing style, legalism, special jargonism, all of which is hardly involved or studied in my learning of language and literature. (86) Define “legalism” in one sentence, define “legalism” in one word. 3. Jesus had no time for the legalism of the Pharisees or the Jewish Council, but he always advocated the payment of taxes(35)1He also inherited the Roman virtue of a solid organization based on a powerful central authority and preserved by strict legalism. (47) And although the polemical motive is obvious and the prophecy argument against the legitimacy of a non-Davidic dynasty is entirely in the manner of the scribes, the spirit of theocratic zeal that inspires the image of the Messiah is broader and deeper than his narrow legalism. Encyclopedia article on legalism (25) Knowing the Word of God without love is a destructive force because it inflates us with pride and legalism. (1) The first part deals with the general analysis of fiscal legalism. (16) Religious legalism deceives the Gospel, the desire and strength to keep the law in the Christian life. (17) 1Imperative without the indicative – leads to legalism, self-rescue efforts, Paul is a moralist.

(43) The book, which is post-exile, can therefore be grouped with another Midrash, the Book of Ruth, which also seems to represent a current of thought opposed to the exclusive spirit of Jewish legalism. A simple sentence with “legalism” contains a subject and a verb, and it can also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains only one independent clause. (40) The second path is that traced by the priest prophet Ezekiel, and it is that of legalism, which was intended to ensure a permanent place in the life and literature of the Jewish people. (45) 3 If one is inclined to acquire an overly narrow view of Jewish legalism, the whole experience of later history through the heroic age of the Maccabees and beyond only proves that the smallness of the ritual process could not cling to the heart.